MTSS Universal Screening

Steps to creating a Universal Screening Instrument in the NCDPI provided spreadsheet.

1. The Universal Screening Spreadsheet is below. Download it and save it to the desktop. 
2. Go to Powerschool Administrator and open "System Administrator" and then "Page and Data Management".
3. In "Page and Data Management," go to "Quick Export". 
4. In "Quick Export," click on the blue link that reads "Fields". 
5. Under "Fields," select the fields you choose, but we went with the following fields:
  • Person_ID
  • First_Name
  • Last_Name
  • Home_Room
  • Grade_Level
6. Click "Submit;" it should generate a report. This can serve as a sample.
7. Go back to the "Start Page," and click on a grade to get a "Current Student Selection"
8. Under "Current Student Selection,"  click on the blue dropdown button in the bottom right hand corner.
9. Check to make sure your fields are there and click "Submit." 
10. It should generate a text file. Note the location of this file or save it to the desktop.
11. Follow the same procedure for each of the grades. 
12. Open the spreadsheet below that you saved to the desktop.[Note: it is a large file]
13. Within the excel spreadsheet, go to the "9 Data" field. Open your data text that you exported from your "Quick Export". Highlight and copy all of the data in your datasheet except the fields across the top.
14. Go back to your excel spreadsheet and "9 data." Highlight the fields and cells that correspond to the number of your fields and the number of students. Click paste. The cells in the worksheet should be filled.
15. Follow the same procedure for all of the other grades.
16. This has completed the setup for your data entry.

Data Entry

1. Enter the number of days in school under the first worksheet entitled "directions"
2. Enter the data [manually] from Powerschool for the following fields in the excel spreadsheet under each student in each grade [as necessary]. 
  • Absences [Note that this often comes out as by period in Powerschool.]
  • Number of Office Disciplinary Referrals [Powerschool Discipline Reports or by Administration/MTSS Team] 
  • "At-risk" students [Powerschool "Dashboard" or by Administration/MTSS Team]
3. As you enter data in the "9 Data" field, it should fill in the "9 Results" worksheet and also the "Core Summary" worksheet. The latter will graph your data.
4. The "matrix" worksheet will have to be filled in manually with the data from the "9 Results" worksheet.

That should create the excel spreadsheet that will serve as your "Universal Screening" instrument. We will have created instruments that will provide interventions and data tracking within the spreadsheet, but we are working on that.

If someone with excel skills would alter the instrument below so that it would serve other levels and send it to me, I would post it here

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