SECHS Parent Teacher Organization


                The Stokes Early College High School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) would like to welcome you to our school. For those of you who are unfamiliar with us, we are a volunteer organization made up of parents, teachers, administrators, and support staff who are all dedicated to the successful education of our children. The Stokes Early College PTO works hard to help make the school year both enjoyable and exciting for students, teachers, and parents.

                  The purpose of our organization is to aid the students and staff by providing support for educational and recreational needs; to promote open communication between administration, teachers, and parents and to encourage school spirit and pride. The PTO uses its resources, both manpower and monetary, to support all the efforts of the staff of our school.

                  We are looking forward to meeting families, parents, and grandparents that would like to get involved with our PTO this school year. We encourage you to not only join our organization, but to get involved as well. Everything we do is based on volunteers and we are always looking for those of you to help make a difference in the lives of our children. Every positive imprint we make on our children can go a long, long way. If you are able to give some time, daytime or evening, please join us!  Many hands make the job much easier.

                  You can participate and help us make the 2017-2018 school year a great one. We are a newly formed organization and, therefore, limited on funds. We hold a membership drive campaign at the beginning of the school year in order to recruit members for the PTO and build funds for the coming year. We want to encourage all parents/guardians to join. That is why our membership fee is a mere $5 and would include all of those in your household. We would never want to hinder anyone from joining our organization so, if the membership fee is not possible or you have any questions concerning the PTO, please feel free to contact Mrs. Holloway, Ms. Guiles, or any of the PTO Board members and we can waive the fee. Remember that all monies collected by the PTO help to enhance the students’ educational experience here at SECHS. If you would like to support our school and the PTO program, please fill out the back side of this letter and have your student return the information along with your check or money to the school. We will need as many volunteers as possible and are flexible enough to work around your schedule. Our group meets once a month (usually the 2nd Thursday of the month) at 6PM to discuss upcoming events, plan fundraisers, and share ideas. This is a wonderful way to show support for our school and find out what is happening at our school and share your thoughts.

                  We in the PTO believe that it is the ultimate importance that we do everything we can to enhance the learning environment of our children as they truly are our future. It will take all of us working together to ensure that this happens.

                  We look forward to getting to know you and share your ideas.


Your SECHS PTO Board Members for the 2017-2018 school year

President: Kilynda Moore – mother of Kaylie Moore 11th grade and Jamin Moore 10th grade

Contact Info: (336)756-0045


Vice President: Kelly Tuttle – mother of Trent Tuttle 10th grade

Contact Info:


Secretary: Carla Landress – mother of Jonathan Landress 10th grade

Contact Info: (336)607-4519


Treasurer: Kathy Tedder – mother of Maykayla Tedder 10th grade

Contact Info: (336)985-3936


Principal: Misti Holloway (336)593-5402


Teacher Sponsor: Elizabeth Guiles (336)409-0152

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