Student Fees for 2020-2021

** Note: If you receive a billing statement from Forsyth Tech,  please disregard.  For future reference, never make a payment directly to Forsyth Tech without consulting with the Mr. Sands, the College Liaison.
** Note: 8-17-2020: Due to the recent announcement that Stokes County Schools will open under Plan C (Fully Remote for All Students), students will only need to pay the following fees at this time:
$52.50 - Annual One-Time Instructional Fee
$26.25 - Annual One-Time Technology Fee (if Chromebook is taken)
When you log into School Cash Online, you will see other fees, but only submit payment for these above, as applicable.
At this time, fees for first semester high school math and science courses are waived.  If you already paid, then we will apply payment for second semester classes if taken.  If students do not take a high school math or science course second semester, then we can refund what was already paid.
$5.50 - Math Courses (Math 1, Math 2, Math 3, Pre-Calculus, Adv Functions)
$5.50 - Physical Science
$10. 75 - Biology Honors, Earth Science Honors, Chemistry Honors)
$65.00 - Driver's Education Fee (If enrolled in the class)
$5.50 - Extracurricular Activity Fee (Drivers at the SECHS or athletics) - Must submit with "It's My Call Form"
Payment will be available online using SchoolCashOnline.  Families will need to register for this service.  The link can be found at: