2nd Semester Plan B vs Plan C

It is hard to believe that 1st semester will be over within the next few weeks. Many of you have done well under the current circumstances, but some of you have struggled. Hopefully you will finish strong over these final few weeks.
We do not have any idea what the environment will be for school during 2nd semester which begins on January 4, 2021. Unless we receive any change in direction from the State or District, we are planning that we will continue to be under Plan B (hybrid instruction, alternating days) with the option for students remaining under Plan C (all virtual).
Forsyth Tech classes will be similar in that some courses will be completely online (synchronous or asynchronous) and others may be hybrid and follow our schedule. If you choose to attend in person for hybrid instruction (Plan B), you will be asked to report to a Computer Lab during the class period that you may have any completely online college courses.
In order for us to plan for the potential number of students that will be on campus for the 2nd semester, please complete the survey below before Thanksgiving Break, by Tuesday, November 24, 2020.
We understand that if circumstances change between now and January 2021, your comfort with attending in person could change. Please respond as if things are the same or even better than they are now.