About Us

Stokes Early College opened its doors some ten years ago and the school has provided opportunities for the citizens of Stokes County and their children that are truly unique and the school has earned its place among the finest schools in Stokes County. It is dedicated to providing rich personalized opportunities for a diverse body of students to be challenged academically and engaged creatively in order to cultivate educational and occupational success and to maximize the potential of each and every learner. Students enter the early college as ninth graders and graduate with an Associate of Arts, an Associate of Science, a career certification or diploma, and a high school degree; eighty-five percent of the students who go on to pursue college ultimately go on to finish.


Most of our students receive significant financial incentives from our North Carolina colleges as it is a wise investment for the colleges to support students who already have two years of academics under their belts.   As a school, it is committed to working together as a team with the community, parents, and students to create truly unique learning opportunities for its students and to provide with the support resources and resources to be successful in college and in life.  It does this through deliberate rigorous instruction that is intentionally connected to real world opportunities. Its goal is to promote the well-being of all students and inspire them to take flight and to meet the challenges of the 21st century on their own terms.


Stokes Early College (SEC) are allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities at the three traditional high schools. The extra-curricular plan allows students to participate in activities at their traditional home school such as interscholastic athletics, Reserve Officer Training Corps, Drama, and Band as schedules and opportunities allow.In approximately one year, entering students will be able to learn technical and trades skills in the new Trades Building that will be opening soon at the Stokes Center. Whereas, the primary focus of Stokes early College has been preparing students for graduation with an AA/AS and pushing them towards a four year college, there will now be an opportunity for and emphasis upon a career in the trades such as training as a electrician, plumbing, and welding. This is something that those behind the Early College have been pursuing for many years and its potential opening is a source of pride and excitement. Our future will be even brighter than our past.