Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement:

The mission of Stokes Early College High School is to provide students with a quality, individualized education, and to immerse learners within an environment passionate about education and purposeful growth while establishing a tradition of opportunities for our students, their families, and their communities.

Vision Statement

Stokes Early College is dedicated to offering the most rich, personalized opportunities for a wide variety of students to be creative, engaged, and challenged academically to cultivate a level of educational and occupational success and to maximize the potential of each learner regardless of whether they pursue and AA/AS, career certification, or a high school diploma. We do this through deliberate rigorous instruction that is intentionally connected to real world opportunities. As a school, we are committed to working together as a team with the community, parents, and students to create beneficial learning opportunities and to provide the most supportive resources. Our goal is to promote the well-being of all students and inspire them to take flight and to meet the challenges of the 21st century on their own terms. We seek to establish and promote a tradition of excellence in order for our students to return to Stokes County the gifts and talents that Stokes Early College has helped to instill in them.


Our Values:

Stokes Early College is committed to:

  • A safe and secure learning environment built around responsibility to one another and respect for all.

  • Emphasizing deep understanding rather than shallow knowledge.

  • A diverse and responsive educational environment, curricula, and materials.

  • A school climate, process, and content which enables students and staff to perform at their highest level.

  • The belief that students must be able to create, evaluate, and effectively utilize information, media, and technology.

  • A focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration to prepare students for the future.

  • Committed to working  in partnership with parents, the business community, and civic and community organizations to enrich the curriculum, provide consistently high expectations for all students, and develop supports and opportunities for all students.

  • Innovative learning methods that integrate the use of supportive technologies, inquiry and problem-based approaches and higher order thinking skills.

  • The use of balanced and technology-enhanced, formative and summative assessments that measure student mastery.

  • A wide variety of instructional strategies to meet different learning styles and backgrounds.