What is Stokes County Early College High School?
The Stokes Early College High School (SECHS) is a joint program of the Stokes County School System and Forsyth Technical Community College (Forsyth Tech). Your child will have the opportunity to complete the requirements for a North Carolina high school diploma and at the same time earn college credits that could lead to early completion of an Associate Degree. Instead of attending a regular high school, students will take courses at the Stokes Center of Forsyth Technical Community College. Transportation will be provided to students accepted into this innovative program. Tuition and textbooks are free for college courses (certain associated fees may apply).

How will Stokes Early College High School be different from a traditional high school?
Small Classes - By design, the SECHS classes will be small, with enrollment limited to around 50 students per grade level from Grade 9 to Grade 13.

First Two Years of College Tuition‐Free.
The SECHS is designed as a five-year program to allow students to complete all high school requirements and also complete up to a two-year Associate Degree. While most tuition and textbook costs are covered for students, there is a yearly $52.50 instructional fee for college courses. There may be associated fees for which students/parents will be responsible. Students who complete the program will receive their high school diploma and colleges credits up to an Associate Degree in 4-5 years. With an Associate Degree they may be eligible to transfer to UNC system universities as college Juniors. These graduates will have completed their first two years of college with no tuition.

What degrees can Stokes Early College High School students earn?
Associate in Arts Degree - Through courses at the Forsyth Tech Stokes Center and online, students should be able to complete this College Transfer degree. This degree is geared towards higher degrees in non-STEM subject areas (i.e. history, art, music, languages, etc.).

Associate in Science Degree - Through most courses at the Forsyth Tech Stokes Center, online, and/or perhaps some courses at other Forsyth Tech campuses (students must provide their own transportation as 11th or 12th graders), students are able to complete this College Transfer degree. This degree is geared towards higher degrees in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) subject areas.

Associate in Applied Science Degree - Through several courses at the Forsyth Tech Stokes Center, online, and/or some courses at other Forsyth Tech campuses (students must provide their own transportation as 11th or 12th graders), students are able to complete a two-year degree in specific subject areas. Forsyth Tech offers numerous degree areas, some of which, but not all, may be transferable to a four-year program. Examples include, but are not limited to, Business, Criminal Justice, Transportation Systems, etc.

College Transfer Credits and Diploma or Certificate Programs - Although many of our students choose to complete a degree program, we also have several who attend the SECHS who work towards completing college transfer classes and/or who want to complete a diploma or certificate program in a trades area such as Welding, Plumbing, Heating & Air, etc. Although most of the college transfer courses are offered at the Forsyth Tech Stokes Center or online, depending on the area, students may have to take several courses at other Forsyth Tech campuses (students must provide their own transportation as 11th or 12th graders).

What kind of students will succeed in Early College?
The Early College is for students who are academically able to complete an aggressive, rigorous course of study, and who are able to be successful in college level courses from Grade 9 forward. Students must be self-motivated, have good organization skills, have good time management skills, and willing to put forth the effort to succeed. Interested students must submit an application and supporting materials, and will be chosen on the basis of academic and other criteria.  The majority of applicants will be entering 9th grade students.  Upon occasion, we will accept entering 10th or 11th grade students; however, these students may need to use the fifth year option to complete degree requirements.

Will students earn college credits?
First and second year students will be enrolled in both high school courses and community college courses. Students take dual enrollment classes—courses that earn both high school and college credit— each year.

It is expected that 9th and 10th graders will earn at least 6 credit hours (2-3 classes) of transferable courses with a college grade point average of 2.8 or higher (C+) and a grade of "B" or higher in the high school Math 3 course. This will allow for students to be placed into "Gateway" English and math courses as upperclassmen without co-requisites.

In the third and fourth years, students will take more college courses that earn college credit and are not typically offered in high schools. Students should be able to achieve their college educational goals by the end of the 4th or 5th year, whether that is an Associate Degree, College Transfer Credits, or Diploma or Certificate.
What is the application process for Stokes Early College High School?
The recruitment period is typically mid-January to late February.  Contact the school or check the website around that time for more details.  If outside this time frame, contact the school for discussion on an individual basis (later applications may not be considered after June 30).
Students interested in applying to the Stokes Early College High School must:

- Demonstrate grade-level proficiency on the End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) tests.
- Demonstrate readiness for college-level work and also the ability to complete online coursework. (Access to computer/internet/Wi-Fi is strongly recommended.)
- Want to come here and have the desire to work harder than they may need to in a traditional high school.
- Have the time management skills and initiative to balance schoolwork and outside of school obligations.
- Have an acceptable school attendance and discipline history.
- Complete the online application and submit an academic transcript. (Grades will be reviewed to determine ability to succeed in college level coursework.)
For more information, please contact our school:

David Durham - Principal
Stokes Early College
[email protected]

Jennifer Spargo - Counselor
Stokes Early College
[email protected]

Holly Kidd - College Liaison
Forsyth Tech
336‐593‐5402, Ext. 1703