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Student Fees

Student Fees for 2023-2024

** Note: If you receive a billing statement from Forsyth Tech, please disregard. The school will cover those. For future reference, never make a payment directly to Forsyth Tech without consulting with the high school office or the College Liaison.
High School Annual Fees (Due at the beginning of the school year in August.)
$52.50 - Annual One-Time Instructional Fee
$26.25 - Annual One-Time Technology Fee (if School-issued Chromebook is taken)
High School Course Fees (Math & Science classes taken per semester).
Fall Semester
$5.50 - Math Courses (Typically Math 1 and Math 3)
$5.50 - Physical Science
$10.75 - Biology Honors
Spring Semester
$5.50 - Math Courses (Typically Math 2, Math 4, or Pre-Calculus)
$10.75 - Science Courses (Typically Earth Science or Chemistry)
Other Fees as Needed
$65.00 - Driver's Education Fee (If enrolled in the class) - Paid at the school where you take it.
$5.50 - Extracurricular Activity Fee (Drivers at the SECHS or athletics) - Must submit with "It's My Call" Form.
Earning a final grade "F" or receiving a "W" for withdrawal due to poor performance in a college course may result in SECHS students repaying a portion of fees the high school paid to Forsyth Tech to take the course (up to $30 per course failed or withdrawn from).
Payment will be available online using SchoolCashOnline.  Families will need to register for this service.  The link can be found at:
or you can pay at the school with cash, check, or credit card.
** If you need to set up a payment plan  contact the school ,office.  If you need to request a fee waiver, then contact the school office for e Fee Waiver Form.  You also will be asked to complete a Free/Reduced Lunch Form, if not already completed or preapproved for the year.